Do you know how much it costs you to make your product?

If you haven’t considered all your expenses, you could in fact be losing money. Is that a risk you want to take?

Covering all areas

We’ve developed extremely effective costing methods using Activity Based Costing (ABC).  By looking at your business as a whole, we can ensure all of your overheads are incorporated into your costs.

Draw the line

Without margins, you don’t have a business, so we’ll help ensure you know just where your margins are for more cost-effective business operations.

Show me the money!

Is your current accountant telling you there’s a profit, but you’re never seeing the cash? Tax accounts don’t show you your actual cash position – allow us to show you where that cash might be falling down the cracks.

Consistent flow

To accurately work out your costing, you also need to consider budgeting and cashflow. By ensuring your overhead expenses remain consistent, you can keep profit levels steady.
Right Your Accounts have several handy templates which have been designed to help you understand the basics of your business budgeting and cashflow – making it simple to understand, and most importantly, easy to stick to.

Contact us to have a chat about your costing, budgeting our cashflow requirements: